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Healthy Choice Products

At Healthy Choice Vending, we pride ourselves in the quality of products that we offer. Our selections include all of your favorite traditional snack and drink items alongside healthy alternatives.

Finding a vendor who stocks a perfect combination of snack and drinks options based on their customer needs can be tricky. Healthy Choice Vending works with you to find a product vending combination to fit your needs. Whether you want traditional, healthy, or combination of snacks, we'll stock your vending machines the way you want.

We do our best to provide you with a wide range of vending products to choose from. If you do not see a specific product that you'd like to have available in your vending machines, please contact us and we'll do our best to try to accommodate your needs.

Convenient Snacks

Not only do we have a wide assortment of tasty, healthy options, but we also have all of your favorite name brand snacks conveniently stocked ready to offer you a quick bite to eat.

We carry all of the classic vending machine snack options including creamy Rice Krispy Treats, Chex Mix, and potato chips while also stocking healthful options like Clif Bars, Skinny Cow, and high protein beef jerky.

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Refreshing Drinks

We offer all of your preferred drinks including soda pop, iced tea, vitamin water, Gatorade, and Propel.

Whether you need a drink to give you a pick-me-up mid-morning, or you need a drink to refresh yourself after a tough activity, we carry the drink you need. We carry everything from Monster, to Vitamin Water, to Pepsi products.

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Products for any Occasion

Assorted Products
Assorted Snacks
Snacks to fill any need including jerky and baked chips.
Post Workout
Post Workout
Healthy products to replenish you after a strong workout.
Gum and More
Snacking Extras
Extra snaking products to fill the void and help between meals
Always in Stock
Products in Stock
We keep a large stock of products to be able to keep your machines full.
All your Favorites
All of your Favorites
All of your favorites found in one spot ready for you to order.