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Let Us Do the Work

We'll take care of the installation and setup so you don't have to.

From the start of the installation process, our staff will take care of the heavy lifting. They know how to maneuver these large machines through tight spaces and set everything up correctly, taking the worry off of you. We have specialized equipment that helps our staff keep scuffing to a minimum, so both the machine and your business continue to look good.

Additionally, we'll prep and stock the machines getting them ready for full use. We'll verify the change returns are properly filled and working, we'll check to make sure the cooling is functioning correctly, and we'll verify the items are being vended properly.

The Importance of Correct Installation

Installation 2-Wheeler

Installing vending machines properly can help make your vending site profitable and successful.

At Healthy Choice Vending, we believe that proper installation of your vending machine can make all of the difference. Starting from a proper site survey, we'll come help you determine what type of machine and what variety of snack or drink setup will best fit your needs and perform the best in your location.

For more information on how we can help make the installation of your vending machines easy and successful, use the button below to contact us. We'd be happy to assist you with your vending questions.

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Setup and Installation Process

Knowing the vending machine installation process from start to finish can be important, and can help you feel more comfortable from beginning to end. Below we outline the general process we try to follow when we install vending machines into new locations.

Before installation and placement into your business, we put all of our vending machines are through a rigorous multi-point inspection. All vending machines are checked from top to bottom, making sure the compressors, light bulbs, and change returns all work properly. Internally, we double check the spirals, pricing, labels, and spacers to verify everything is set to your specifications. Finally, we make sure your machines are clean and vending snacks and drinks properly.

Read below to see how we can guide you on your vending journey from start to finish.

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1. Contact Us or Give Us a Call

If you are interested in having a vending machine installed, please feel free to contact us. Determining that a vending machine would help your place of business is the vital first step in your vending machine journey.
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Site Survey and Measurement

2. Site Survey and Measurement

After you have contacted us, we will send one of our friendly representatives to your business. Once there, we'll help you conduct a site survey, and determine what locations in your business we could place a vending machine to get maximum exposure. We'll also measure to make sure we get the proper machine sizes for the areas you have. Finally, we'll make sure the correct electrical outlets are present.
Vending Snack Selection

3. Machine and Snack Selection

Once we've helped you determine that your vending machine will be successful and we've made sure what size of machines you'll need, we'll help you determine what type of machine and snack setup you'd like. Vending machines offer a lot of flexibility in their setup. You can mix and match snacks and drinks in one machine, or you can offer only snacks or drinks. Machine and snack setup is based on your preference.
Vending Machine Installation

4. Machine Installation and Upkeep

The final step is machine installation. After you've chosen your machine setup, we'll schedule a time to come install the machine for you, using our tools and equipment. Vending machine installation times can vary depending on your location, but we generally like to allow at least an hour. After installation is complete, we'll continue to schedule times to come back and replenish any items that need filled.