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Wellness at Your Fingertips

Healthy Choice Vending provides local businesses with healthy snack and drink alternatives.
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Healthy Balanced Products

We stock, maintain, and service all of our machines routinely. Keeping them fresh and in working order.
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Custom Vending Your Way

We offer a full range of vending machines and selections to meet all your vending needs.
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Welcome to Healthy Choice Vending online. We strive to have everything you, your employees, and your company needs when it comes to vending machines setups for soda, snacks, and more. Use the list below for more information on how Healthy Choice Vending can help fulfil your vending needs.

Our Missions

~To help you fuel up and recharge with healthier snaking options.
At Healthy Choice Vending, we offer a large selection of healthy eating options to provide you with a wide variety of low-fat, low sugar, and low sodium menu items. Our goal is to give you options to promote, develop, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
~To offer healthy alternatives alongside your employee favorites.
By keeping the well-being of our customers in mind, we offer a wide range of healthy alternatives along side a full selection of popular brand-name snacks, juices, sodas, and teas to help keep you energized throughout the work day.
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Our Services

Vending Machine Setup
Diversified Vending Machine Setups
Choose a vending machine setup that fits your needs. Do you need just drinks, just snacks, or a combination of both?
Vending Products
Choose from a wide range of products and brands
We have a wide range of brand-name and healthy alternative products for you to choose from when filling your machines.
Top Quality Vending
Guaranteed Quality Service and Professional Staffing
We have professional staff dedicated to making your vending experince delightful and delicious.
Full Service Installation
Full Service Vending Machine Installation
Our highly trained staff will come advise, assist, and fully install any vending machine machine you receive from us.